7 Items to Always Buy at Thrift Stores

A store selling secondhand clothes and other household goods, typically to raise funds for a charitable institution not for his own profit is ‘Thrift’ store and Thrift shopping is a great way for buying varieties of items at a better price than retails but you have to concentrate on what you are purchasing because all items were secondhand. Following are some items that you should buy from a thrift store:-  

Frames and Wall Decor

I hardly even buy frames from a retail shop because of its high prices and after all, there are already many beautiful frames in thrift stores. You just have to spray paint them and it would be like new ones.   


I’ve seen so many gorgeous mirrors in thrift stores. They only need some cleaning to make it adorable. There are also vintage mirrors that you will use for decoration purposes. 

Vases, Bottles, and Candle Holders

There are so many vases, jars, and bottles whenever I visit a thrift store and if you want to decorate your house you use vases and jars to fill with beautiful flowers. One thing to keep in mind is always looking for a set of candle holders too because it is a very good combination of candles and flowers together.

Wood Furniture

Furniture at a thrift store is typically marked down significantly and you can get pretty excellent deals if you are buying furniture in pieces and never buy any wood item which is almost 10 years old. But sometimes you’ll find brand new furniture with tags still on it. You never know when you are going to get lucky.

Lamps and Light Fixtures

A couple of thrift stores, I visit have table lamps, hanging lamps, and ceiling lamps in very different styles. In thrift stores, they also give a different area for checking lamps before buying them.


The majority of people would like to buy toys from retail shops because they think buying from a thrift store is dangerous for their kids but they are not completely right, if you visit a thrift store then you find out how many different varieties of toys were in the thrift store and toys just need a good cleaning and they will be like new.  


The books section of a thrift store is full of knowledge and there are also very antique book covers which will increase the grace of a book. the best thing you find there are beautiful illustrations which are worthy of framed and these help in decorating your walls but you are lucky enough to find them because it is very rare to find them.    

Tips For Finding The Hidden Gems In Thrift Stores:

  1. Go in with the right mindset because you are going to find treasures.
  2. Look through everything.
  3. Go often to the store to never miss anything worthy.
  4. Don’t buy items on the basis of price tags.


There are two major reasons why I like shopping in thrift stores. First I like saving money so by visit a thrift store saves a lot of money and second is the challenge of finding treasure or gems from a thrift store and buying from a thrift store also helps many charitable institutions which will make me feel proud of myself for helping the institutions.

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