A Complete Guide To Organizing Your Closet

12 Closet Organizing Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Having a clean house is better than having a dirty and messy house. Although this is easy to say it is usually much harder to put it into practice. Take your closet as an example. Most of our closets are filled with excess clothes and accessories, which we haven’t worn for a long time. Looking at these closets may be a little stressful. So If you think it’s time to start putting everything in place, then this complete closet organization guide will help you to get started and stay on track. 

Gather Your Supplies

The consumables you need will depend on how you plan to dispose of the clutter in the closet. After collecting everything you need, you can start the process in earnest. Here are some items that can help you get started: 

  • Use boxes to organize clothes quickly
  • A sturdy shopping bag or garbage bag
  • A measurement tool that helps you understand how much space you have.
  • A basket to throw the extra items
  • Mirror to try on clothes that you are not sure about. 

Use the Multi-Box Method

The method that I am referring to here involves labeling boxes for clothes to be put in them. You will most likely need at least four of them. One box is used to store items that you are sure to keep, another box is used to store items that you wish to sell or donate, one box is used to store the recyclable items, and the last box is used to store unquestioned garbage. Make sure to put large labels on these boxes to avoid confusion. The last thing you want to do is donate all your good clothes. 

Completely Empty Your Closet

The reason you need to prepare these boxes before you start is that you will completely empty the closet in order to start from scratch. If you do not follow this process, there may be extra items left in the closet. Take out the time to study everything carefully and really decide whether it is worth keeping or not. Once you have a completely empty closet, it will be easier to reorganize and run smoother than trying to cram them into just the right place. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go

Arguably, the most difficult part of cleaning the closet is letting go of the clothes and accessories that were once important to you. If I had not addressed the real sense of loss that people feel when organizing their clothes, then this would not have been a complete guide to organizing a closet. Part of the reason the multi-box approach is so important is that it allows you to let go without having to throw it in the trash. Your clothing donation can provide a huge help to those in need, so you can put down the old things and feel good. 

Clean the Closet Top To Bottom

When I say cleaning then I mean cleaning with cleaning products. It is possible that if your wardrobe is filled with things for a period of time, a lot of dust will settle on it. Before you start putting all the beautiful clothes back in the closet, you need to scrub thoroughly with some cleaning spray and a towel. Make sure to also vacuum the floor and remove all cobwebs. 

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