Benefits Of Wearing Dental Crowns

Problematic or Damaged teeth may need to require crowns to restore them. Dental crowns are cap-like prosthetic restorations that are made up of composite resin or dental ceramic material. For teeth that suffer from damage or breakage, crowns act as the perfect treatment to restore shape, size, and mouth function. It covers the entire teeth protecting your underlying teeth from any further damage.
By using the latest technology in the market, the dentists would craft customized porcelain crowns that would suit your needs.

Dental crowns restore dental damage

Both adults and children are equally suffering from dental damage. Often such injury may not be severe, but in cases when they are, your dentist may advise teeth-replacing options such as crowns which can save you from permanent teeth loss.

Dental crowns don’t stain

Your custom-built crowns are shaped and designed to look just like your natural teeth. Generally, natural enamel stains when patients often consume coffee or tea. However, ceramic or porcelain crowns don’t stain. To ensure that the color of restored enamel exactly matches the shade of the remaining teeth and appears uniform, the dentist may advise a teeth whitening procedure.

Dental crowns are metal-free

We always ensure to use a special non-metallic, durable, and enamel-mimicking material to design and manufacture your custom-crowns which will not create any problem to neighboring teeth. Metal-free crowns are known to be more successful than those with metal due to long time benefits.

Crowns last a life-time

Dental crowns are built to last. In some cases, crowns may break or chip away due to constant use. Hence you would need to be replaced after a long time.

Dental crowns can be embedded with implants

Missing teeth can reduce your confidence preventing you from consuming food that you enjoy. With implants and crowns, dentists can replace missing teeth structures. Implantation is the most effective method of replacing your lost teeth as they act as strong roots and they can be used with crowns or with dentures.

Crowns can restore the appearance of teeth

Dental crowns are mainly considered to restore teeth to health and relieve dental discomfort, but they also offer numerous cosmetic benefits. Because crowns can perfectly fit over the existing tooth, they can instantly correct discoloration, staining, misshapen teeth, crookedness, chips, cracks, fractures, and more.

Crowns help relieve pain from damaged teeth

Dental crowns are mainly used to complete a restorative treatment for repairing damage to a tooth’s enamel or structure. If you are suffering from extensive tooth decay, an infection of a tooth’s root, or injury to your tooth enamel such as a fracture, chip, or break, you may feel pain when you eat or drink. If the condition is severe enough, you may have constant discomfort.  
Your dentist can address the underlying issue in your tooth with appropriate treatment (filling, root canal, etc.), the remaining portion of the tooth may still be vulnerable to further damage or discomfort. Dental crowns can protect your tooth against further damage while also reducing sensitivity.

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