The Best Home Decor Items to Buy Secondhand

I like decorating my house a lot, but at the same time, I don’t like spending a lot of money on new furniture and decorations. Fortunately, I like to be economical and always look for great deals, which makes decorations fun and super affordable. The thrill of hunting is my favorite part of frugality. I often go to thrift stores, auctions, real estate sales, and flea markets to find specific items.


A high-quality, well-built dressing table can easily cost hundreds of dollars. Also, most dressers made these days are made of cheap particle board and are not durable. Buying second-hand solid wood dressers can not only save money but also ensures that the furniture will stand the test of time. 

Recently, I found a dressing table in the local thrift store, priced at about $60. The same dressing table happened to be listed on ETSY for $600. This is a considerable saving, and it will last for future generations. 


Every table in our house is handed over to us or is second-hand. Think about the savings! Sometimes it is difficult to find a high-quality second-hand table that does not need to be updated, but there is always a choice of repairing or painting that can bring it back to life.

The mid-century modern desk I used in my new office was purchased for $15.00 and is one of my favorite second-hand products. Similar desks can run anywhere from $600-$1000, so I think I was lucky to find a solid wood desk at a fraction of the price.


Frames are easy to find in the yard and thrift market. They are cheap and easy to color and dye. Almost all the frames in our house are second-hand or purchased from the antique market. I like the idea of ​​mixing and matching frame shapes, sizes and colors to create an amazing gallery wall. 


Books are one of my favorite home decoration necessities, and second-hand books are very easy to find. I like to use books to design bookshelves and tables, and I tend to look for shades of blue and green. I’m even famous for buying books in different languages ​​because I like the bound look. 


Just like dressers and desks, tables are another type of furniture on which you can save hundreds of dollars just by buying it secondhand. Auctions, real estate sales, and Facebook Marketplace are flooded with solid wood tables of all different styles. 


Most thrift stores have a variety of baskets, so you will definitely find what you want. I especially like looking for round flat woven baskets that can be hung on the wall to make super cheap wall decorations. 


Hunting and finding unique decorations is one of my favorite aspects of frugal and second-hand purchases. When I am looking for vintage decorations or one of those works of art, auctions then thrift stores are my top choices. I have found some great things that are not found in large stores also, which include cameras and shelves to card catalogs and old metal storage cabinets.  I prefer card catalogs, antique clocks, cameras and suitcases, and anything unique that I don’t often see. I just recently bought a green vintage animal harness because it is unique and something I have never seen before. 


Although I am passionate about thrift and saving money, I am still a little afraid of bacteria. I tend to only buy things that I can wipe, wash or intend to use only for decoration. The vintage suitcase maybe just an exception to my “rule”. I would not use them for travel, but they are very suitable for decorative storage. In the catalog of refurbished vintage cards, I have a pile of three sheets of paper, and you never know that they are full of games and art.




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