The Ultimate Guide To Thrifting For Clothes

Here we have compiled the ultimate guide on how to shop in a thrift store and what factors should be kept in mind. No matter when you will be buying second-hand clothing next time then this guide will surely help you. There are chances that these tips will maximize the possibility of successful shopping. 

Research where to go 

If you plan to hit a few shops, please make a list and plan your route. In this way, you will not miss anything in the same area and you can easily estimate the time required. 

Decide in advance the items that you are willing to buy

Knowing what you are looking for will give you direction. Thrifty clothes can be a bit difficult task, so it helps you as you already have in mind about the item that you wish to take home.

Browse your own closet first

If you are not sure what to buy, this is a good starting point as it can give you an idea of ​​what you might need in your wardrobe and/or what can be used with existing items. It’s always useful to take photos of items in your wardrobe so you can match easily when you are willing to buy any article related to it.

Donate from your own wardrobe

Before going to a thrift store, it is worth having a look at your closet and donate the clothes that you no longer wear. Think of it as thrifty karma and keep the loop going. For higher quality items, the consignment store will provide cash or money for you to spend in the store during the transaction. 

Check out apps for thrifting tips

Nowadays, there are many applications that can perform various operations, from identifying the best thrift store in your area to a digital marketplace where you can buy and sell.

Go with a friend who is also keen on thrifting

Walking with a friend who doesn’t get tired and gives up immediately can make the experience more interesting. This is also useful because you can advise each other on the problems you find while thrift shopping.

Don’t rush through it

You should never rush whenever you are going thrift shopping. The more you take it easy the more enjoyable experience it would be and the chances of finding opportunities will automatically increase, so allow enough time for the planned route and remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Set a budget

It is important to set a limit for yourself so you don’t get lost. Relatively speaking, just because these products are cheap, it doesn’t mean you keep wasting your money on items that you never thought of buying or the items which is not required by you, but you are buying it just because it is cheap. 

Bring cash

Many stores still only accept cash, and card-holding stores usually have a higher minimum purchase amount, which encourages you to spend more. Carrying enough cash can avoid unnecessary guesswork and can also help you stick to your budget.


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