Thrift Stores: Things You Should not Donate

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In modern times, when people are privileged with plenty of items that they sometimes do not have space to store them or even they do not want them anymore. Since there are some items that cannot be charged or prove to be even costlier when reused or repaired again. So here find items you don’t want or need in thrift stores.

Large Appliances

Thrift shops don’t want piles of garbage until they have to pay for waste management services to get them all away. Therefore, they usually do not accept outdated or poorly functioning appliances, including microwave ovens, washing machines, and dryers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. On the one hand, thrift stores like Goodwill do not accept large equipment because they are difficult to operate and labor-intensive. Moreover, these items usually need a large space for storage.


Mattresses are notorious hotbeds for bed bugs and are usually top of the list of things not accepted by thrift stores. The Salvation Army and UN-Habitat are the two thrift stores that do accept mattresses in good condition. If you wish to donate used mattresses, it is a good idea to call the local store or visit its website first.


Like mattresses, bed pillows need to be used privately to avoid soiling and hygiene. Even pillows in good condition may be rejected by thrift stores. To donate pillows, please contact your local animal shelter. They often use pillows and other bedding in the animal box. Here these items could be put to best use without any hygiene concerns.


Used wall-to-wall carpets and carpet mats are stained and contain various allergens, including dust and dander. No one wants to take all these things from the thrift store. If you do not want to send old carpets to a landfill, please contact your local municipality or nearby recycling center to see if it is acceptable. Otherwise, use these carpets for creativity and put them to reuse.

Cosmetics and Toiletries

Although some charities can use donated new, unused personal care products (such as toothpaste and diapers), thrift stores cannot resell them. For obvious hygiene reasons, used or unused cosmetics and lotions must not be used as this could lead to commutable skin diseases which could in turn impact your overall health by lowering your confidence.


Imagine if a bottle of perfume leaks in a household goods store, it’s a mess. In thrift stores, the mess can be at least as bad. In thrift stores, boxes are often packed and placed erratically. Please do not donate any scented products, including household and body sprays. These are the things that should be generally kept in mind while donating any item to the thrift store by keeping in mind how things are placed in thrift stores.


It is best to rethink and recheck the condition of the walker before you make up your mind to donate them to thrift stores. This could be the reason, many thrift stores often won’t accept them. If you have a walker that is safe to use, speak with medical charities in your area to inquire about donation.

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