Wedding Dress Prevention Tips

Wedding dress prevention is very important. A wedding dress is differently designed and also very delicate and it can’t be cleaned like any old dress. Wedding dress cleaning and prevention is the key to making sure your wedding dress lasts a long period but the most difficult part is to clean the wedding dress. So if you want to prevent your dress from yellowing, stains, and brown oxidation spots then you can go to nearby dress cleaners to keep your dress clean.

Before the wedding: steps you must do to keep your dress safe.

The best way to preserve your dress before the wedding is to take very good care of it and if your wedding day isn’t occurred yet then follow these steps to prevent your dress:

Avoid stains:

Of course, you want your wedding dress to be in very good condition on a wedding day but did you know the pollen from flowers could be one of the culprits. So make sure that the flower buds should be removed from the flowers because buds can destroy your dress while walking to the aisle, so make sure that your bridesmaid completely focuses on your dress, if you want to see your dress again after your wedding.  

Safe transportation:

If you are traveling with your dress then make sure you can take your dress in an appropriate garment bag, which can cover the whole dress and also keep it very gentle and far from the children’s sight. 

Wait until the last minute:

Never wear your wedding dress while you are eating and doing any work because any little stain will cause a very big problem. So make sure that you wear your dress only when it is time for you to leave your place for the wedding.

After the wedding: steps you must do to keep your dress safe

If you made it through your wedding day then you must have been lucky, but it is not finished yet because immediately after the wedding you can’t take it to the dress cleaners. So you have to follow these steps below to keep your dress safe. 

Use a garment bag:

After marriage, one thing to keep in mind is not to wrap your dress in a plastic bag because it traps moisture, which means mold and mildew, and plastic also emits fumes that can yellow your dress. So make sure to keep your dress in its proper garment bag. 

Lay it flat(or hang it properly):

Always make sure to keep your dress laid as flat as possible, otherwise hang it properly, not with its shoulders because then it starts stretching and differs from its size. So always hang it with the loops inside the dress to keep it in good condition. 

Leave cleaning for the experts:

If you notice any stain in your dress then don’t think that you can clean it because if you do it yourself then there are chances of making it worse. As it is a tricky process, you should take it to the professionals to take care of it. This is the best way to preserve your wedding dress for a lifetime. 

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