What Your Tongue Can Tell You 

Many things we take for granted and one of those things is a tongue. Like children explore the world by licking everything which is in their sight. Children licking their mother, siblings, and other relatives to just have reactions from them. And in the young child, it evolved to the next stage, where they start eating food and also developing the tongue tastes. 

The tongue is more than just a random body part because the tongue plays a key role in our ability to taste and swallow food. Most importantly your tongue gives your dentist clues about your oral health and also your overall health. In fact, you might be surprised that how a dentist will know about our health by only seeing it. 

White Coating on your Tongue    

The color of your tongue is supposed to be pink but if parts of your tongue appeared to be coated with a white substance, this could be an oral thrust that occurs inside the oral cavity. And this should happen only because you don’t clean your tongue. So, remember this thing whenever you do brushing your teeth also clean your tongue too.

White Patches on your Tongue

If there is any irritation in your tongue then this means you have a condition named Leukoplakia. This happens because of smoking and tobacco use. Every medical expert will advise you to quit these habits if you want a healthy life. If you see any white patches on your tongue then immediately book an appointment with a dentist, if you want to rule out cancer.  When the tiny bumps that line your tongue swell up and become inflamed then small white patches are formed on your tongue. 

 Overly Red Tongue

Kawasaki disease is the only reason for the redness of your tongue. The red tongue is the main symptom of this disease. It’s commonly associated with vitamin deficiency. So, the only way to remain safe from this disease is to add some vitamin supplements to your breakfast, like eating eggs, yogurt, coffee, and oatmeal are the best way to increase vitamin in your body. 

Irregular Red Bumpy Patches

If your tongue looks like irregular red and bumpy patches are shown on it. It’s a fortune teller that you should not go on a trip because you can get sick soon. So, always check your tongue before going on a trip.

Tender, Sore Tongue

If your tongue is overly sensitive in one spot or all over your tongue then this means you could have a food allergy or developing a canker sore. So, at this moment you should see your dentist keep it away from you. You should choose your food correctly and eat only healthy and fresh food.

Hairy Tongue

This sounds strange but this happens because of protein intake and also small bumps which traps food particles in it and it looks like strands of hair on your tongue. Usually, a good brushing of the tongue will take care of it but if not then get ready to see a dentist. 

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