Why Ignoring Your Overbite Can Lead to a Slippery Slope

How to correct an overbite

How the human body works are really amazing. Every component or system in the human body is connected to each other. When a component is offline, you can not only feel the initial failure point but also feel more impact. Take your teeth as an example. Many people think that the appearance of a smile is just a sense of beauty, but the appearance of a smile not only affects your oral health but also affects your facial structure and your overall health. Although your overbite appears to be a minor physical defect, ignoring the overbite may cause serious health concerns. 

What exactly is it?

Basically, overbite is when your upper jaw overlaps your lower jaw. It is common for some patients to have a slight bite of only one to two millimeters, but other patients have more serious bite problems. Malocclusion or deep occlusion is when the overlap between the upper and lower teeth is more obvious. Patients often suffer from malocclusion, and their chin is sunken, which affects their facial shape. The faces of these patients are shorter and rounder, making them look much older. Malocclusion is not only related to aesthetics. Patients with deep bites usually have headaches, TMJ pain, and often clench their jaws and grind their teeth. 

What causes an overbite?

Genetic factors play a big role in whether you have an overbite or not, but certain long-term bad habits can also contribute to the problem, for example, thumb sucking. If your child keeps his thumb in his mouth at all times then the pushing motion of the tongue may push the upper teeth and bones to a more forward position. Your speech may also be affected by the overbite. When you have an overbite, you tend to use your tongue to talk more, which may affect your intelligibility and may even make you slurred when speaking. 

Why is early treatment important?

If not properly treated early, then overbite will only deepen over time, and will also become more pronounced due to the wear of the teeth due to all the bite and grinding. If having overbite makes it difficult to clean your teeth and gums properly then this can also lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss if not handled properly. In addition, because headaches, tooth and jaw pain, makes you feel more painful, so nutrition will also be affected. Who likes to eat when in pain? As you can see, if left unchecked, teeth clenching can lead to many health problems. 

What treatment options do I have?

To treat TMJ pain and discomfort, splint therapy can be used to reposition the mandible to a more natural position, thereby releasing the extra pressure on the articular blood vessels and nerves. Then, use orthodontic braces to keep the jaw displaced until it is stable. In some cases, the orthodontist will recommend straightening the braces to realign the teeth and jaw

Today, when it comes to parentheses, there are many options. The traditional metal braces are composed of brackets and metal wires, which can gradually reposition the teeth. The brackets are glued to the teeth with special glue. The combination of brackets and wires helps to gradually reposition the teeth

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